Hardware Devices

Good Tissue Practice (GTP) Cell Culture Lab. 

In 2005, the United States implemented the “human cells, tissues and human cells and tissue-based products (HCT/Ps)”. The basic requirements of the current cell therapy-related product development were required to meet the GTP (Good Tissue Practice) of the cell tissue laboratory specifications. In 2010, Maria Von’s GTP cell tissue laboratory was passed the check by Department of Health.


Air condition system: Culture room interval pressure design with three air filtration systems. Trough the air flow to reduce the incidence of pollution, maintain  sterile and clean environment.

Central environment monitor: Strictly control access by the door card and video surveillance system. Maintain constant temperature, humidity and pressure state.

Experimental reagents and cell status quality control: Sterility test / Mycoplasma test / Endotoxin test / Cell antibody staining

GTP Lab. Floor Plan


GTP Lab. Central Aisle and Buffer Zone


Cell Culture Room


Quality Control Room


GTP Lab. Environment Monitor System


GTP Lab. Temperature/Humidity/Pressure Monitor System


Sterility/Mycoplasma/Endotoxin Test Reports 



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